Sunday, 30 August 2015

Metro Rings Quilt

I have finished my nephew's wedding ring quilt, just in time for their first year anniversary!

I have written about the construction details of this quilt in a previous post if you are interested.  For today's post I am just sharing photos and close up details, as I am very proud of this make - can you tell?

The backing I chose for this quilt is the same Terra Australis design and is in coordinating colours.

I chose a trailing love heart design for the quilting, and had it done for me by a long arm quilter.  I know there are so many other intricate designs that compliment the wedding ring quilt that are so much better, but they do take more time and therefore cost more money.  Quilts are already very expensive to create, so I chose something romantic and swirly and I am very pleased with it as it is.
sorry about the poor, yellow lighting in these two photos,
but they do allow a close up of the quilting

Ta Da!
Now off to write a card and wrap it up!

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